Homefront's Narrative Could End Up In Other Countries.

The game aims to put the player in awkward situations, and draws on its North American setting to really conjure an antagonistic setting. While watching mothers shot point-blank in front of their children is certain to have an effect on everybody, moving through the ruined streets of USA is unlikely to be particularly emotional for foreigners. Which is why Kaos is considering taking the battle to other countries.

"This isn’t an American flag waver. It’s really important to us that people all over the world can identify with the themes of occupation,” said community boss Jeremy Greiner.

“We’re not interested in triggering American patriotism. Hopefully those themes will be universal.

“So absolutely, we could do a Homefront London. We’ve even joked on our Twitter that we could do a Homefront Reykjavik. We can do anything.”

Homefront's due out in March and is looking pretty special. The shooting mechanics look familiar, but it's the game's unique setting and tortured cast that's likely to make a lasting impact.

[source computerandvideogames.com]