Apparently Microsoft "Supported" Kaos More Than Sony. Presumably With ?20 Notes.

Earlier in the week, Kaos announced that all future Homefront DLC would be a timed exclusive on the XBOX 360. It struck us a little weird; Homefront is an entirely unproven title slotting into a busy, competitive genre. It's just weird that Kaos would want to "rock the boat" for a new IP, and that Microsoft would go out of their way to back it.

Dickson reckons the deal came about because Microsoft got more involved with Homefront than Sony:

“It’s really just about them coming to us and saying they want to get involved,” he said. “You know, the PlayStation version is great, but Sony really didn’t come to us and say, ‘We want to support you and get behind you.’

“I think their focus right now is on Killzone. So that’s really how it all happened.”

Translation: "It's really just about Microsoft being the highest bidder. You know, the PlayStation version is great, but when we went to Sony and said, 'Hey, do you want exclusive DLC?' they were all like 'Nah thanks.'

"I guess they're just busy trying to build a multi-million dollar franchise out of Killzone. Microsoft on the other hand has no games, so they have to do something. That's really how it all happened."

Dickson's comments rub us the wrong way. What exactly does he mean by "support"? Are Sony supposed to come to Kaos' office and pat them on the back? Is this common? Does he mean technical support? Or is this financial?

Naturally we're assuming the latter. Clearly Sony were given the opportunity to bid for DLC and weren't interested. Nor should they be. Honestly, would anyone prefer Homefront DLC over a full exclusive title like Killzone 3? With the greatest of respect to Homefront, you'd have to be insane.

All this does though is make the PlayStation version of the game look weaker. Maybe that's anticipated, but surely it's in the best interests of the franchise to perform well on as many systems as possible?