Gears Of War's Probably Never Coming To The NGP, But Epic Reckon It Would Be An "Appropriate" Fit.

"This is the kind of machine that a Gears of War-style experience would be appropriate on because it has the control layout that games like that are designed for and can produce some pretty compelling visuals," he said.

"Activision announced Call of Duty for the device so of course a Gears-style game would also be appropriate."

Epic were present at Sony's press conference yesterday to demonstrate the latest version of the Unreal Engine running on the system. While it's unlikely we'll ever see a Gears Of War game on the NGP, could Epic be hinting at some kind of handheld spin-off? After all, industry rumours suggest Epic has full ownership of the Gears Of War IP, despite its exclusivity up to this point.

Rein wouldn't respond as to whether Epic are actually developing software for the NGP or not, stating the company are focusing on Unreal Engine licensees. "Right now we're concentrating on Unreal Engine 3 and we're very excited with the results," said Rein. "Multiple UE3 licensees tells us they're building games they plan to ship on NGP and I suspect we'll hear more about that throughout the year."