Vuvuzelas: unlikely to feature in Tiger Woods 12

Not everyone was impressed with the Move implementation in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, and it certainly lacks compared to John Daly's ProStroke Golf, but EA Sports is determined to put things right when it releases Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters in March.

While the Move support for Tiger Woods 11 was introduced later in the game's development, lead designer Mike DeVault is claiming this year's game has been built with Move in mind:

Last year we had a patch that integrated the support into the game. This year we've had a full cycle to dedicate to the Move. We've been able to smooth out a lot of the kinks we had from last year and then also add some functionality.

That functionality includes a first-person view when playing with Move, something that's been present in the game's Wii iterations for a few years now.

If the game can fix its predecessor's problems while maintaining the slick level of production we've come to expect from EA Sports titles it should be a real winner.