DC Universe Online: Kinda Awesome And Out Next Week!

MMOs are big business (although it's yet to be proven there's room in the market for a title alongside World Of Warcraft). Likewise, people still like comic book characters. Honestly, if it was a choice between Lord Of The Rings outcasts and Batman, we know who we'd choose every time.

What's more, DC Universe Online finally makes good on Sony's MMO-on-consoles vision. Sony said years ago that the PlayStation 3 would be the first console to house a series of full-blown MMOs, but, PlayStation Home aside, it hasn't really happened. Yet.

Next weeks marks the start: DC Universe Online launches on PlayStation 3. Having spent a decent length of time in the beta, we were impressed with just how well it all works on PS3. The gameplay seems suited to the DualShock and the tech seems to be at a solid base point.

Could DC Universe Online steal World Of Warcraft's crown? Probably not. It looks like it's sure as hell got a chance of crafting out it's own loyal niche though. Check out the game's first US commercial after the jump.

[source vg247.com]