Getting a Move on in March

DanceDanceRevolution has been out in North America for a while now, but European fans of the dancing series were clueless as to when or if the game would make its way to the continent. Until now, that is, with Konami renaming the game DanceDanceRevolution New Moves and bringing it over in March 2011.

Coming to the continent with a bundled dance mat, the game boasts over 50 tracks including Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Battlefield by Jordin Sparks and a wide range of contemporary and classic hits, as well as the ability to export your performances to YouTube and Facebook for sharing your finest moments and biggest failures with your friends.

There's no solid date for the game yet, but expect to pick up the big bundle in March this year. For more information, be sure to read our DanceDanceRevolution review to see if this one's worth waiting for.

Move your body with DanceDanceRevolution New Moves

KONAMI details first PlayStation®3 DDR title – complete with PlayStation®Move compatibility

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today announced it will release DanceDanceRevolution New Moves across Europe in March 2011. The new release marks the classic series’ debut for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and showcases extended full-body movement via Sony’s new PlayStation®Move motion controllers. DanceDanceRevolution New Moves features over 50 tracks, ranging from popular hits to classic dance anthems for players of all ages with enhanced multiplayer capabilities.

DanceDanceRevolution New Moves offers a new mode has been implemented where users will be able to dance using both the DDR Dance Mat controller and the Playstation®Move together. Users move both their upper and lower body as they dance to match the indicators displayed on screen. As they use the Dance Mat controller to mimic the on-screen arrows, the player also holds the PlayStation®Move Motion controller, which is represented by a ball of light on screen and must be guided towards the relevant moving arrows.

The PlayStation®Move Motion controller is also used to vary on-screen visuals with combinations of button presses and movement used to add visual effects to the on-screen action. This creates a striking aesthetic interpretation of the player’s dances, and players can also see themselves in action using the PlayStation®Eye and upload their greatest hits to social networking sites via the console’s XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu to share their DanceDanceRevolution skills with friends.

DanceDanceRevolution New Moves adds new game modes to the series. In ‘Dance Off’ Mode, two to four players take turns running through the same dance. The player that is able to keep in step more accurately will earn more points and be crowned the winner. In ‘Club’ Mode – which has been specifically created for die-hard DanceDanceRevolution fans – gamers can play over and over again in a marathon session. The difficulty level of the tracks will change along with the dances the players are challenged to match, as they get further and further into the session. As an added obstacle, various tricks will also come into play. Gamers will be able to play from four to 20 tracks in succession depending on their skill level.

DanceDanceRevolution New Moves will be available in March at retailers, bundled with a dance mat controller.