Anyone Want To Play Cards?

And now we can, thanks to this fan-made Killzone card game. The game, created by "thepineapple1" (hint: we don't think that's his real name), has you competing one-on-one in a competitive battle for supremacy. The game actually looks professionally made too. There's a ton of card gamey attributes to deal with: you can spend "Action Points" to command and promote soldiers, equip weapons and even control vehicles. There's a lengthy set of rules to the game, but it's all well thought out.

The best part is that you can download the game for free. The pack includes printable copies of the cards, as well as a nine-page rule book. The Helghast starter kit is available through here, while the ISA starter kit can be grabbed here.

It'd be awesome if Guerrilla got in touch with "thepineapple1" and got this thing professionally printed and packaged.