Does what it says on the tin

Just when you thought there wasn't room on the market for another PlayStation Move battery-replenishing gizmo, along comes Blaze with its own take on the must-have accessory.

Pointing to the release of "super addictive PS3 Move games" – their words, not ours – Blaze has crafted the PS3 Move Rapid Charger that can refuel your Navigation and Move controller simultaneously through any USB port, causing us to question how quickly the batteries will charge compared to other adaptors on the market that charge via mains.

Still, at least this one lights up blue – sorry, "cool blue" according to the press materials – and will complement your PS3 set up nicely, apparently.

On the market at the end of next month, this charger will cost you £14.99. Tempted?

With more and more super addictive PS3 Move games being announced, gamers need a fast action way to recharge their PS3 Move controllers. The new BLAZE PS3 Move rapid charger combines the ability to quickly charge your controllers, with a neat dock style interface which doubles as a stylish stand to keep the controllers safe.

The style factor continues with the cool blue charging status indicators which give your PS3 Move controllers a cool blue glow, showing them off in all their glory.

The BLAZE PS3 Move Rapid Charger takes power from your PS3 USB ports or any other available USB connection, with no need for an external power supply.

Jason Cooper, Chairman of BLAZE Europe Ltd commented:
“We are pleased to offer PS3 Move gamers a complete and stylish solution for charging their controllers”


Charges both PS3 Move Motion and Navigation controller
High gloss, black design compliments your PS3
Cool blue charging glow indicator
Powered via USB connection from PS3 or any other USB outlet
Charge your controllers in style

The BLAZE PS3 Move Rapid Charger will be available at the end of February from and leading video game retailers at a low price of £14.99