It's Really, Really Difficult To Not Get Excited About New Sony Hardware.

Nikkei is reporting some colossus information on the PSP2 this evening. According to preliminary information on the device, Nikkei reports that Sony's next portable system will support 3G functionality and an OLED touchscreen.

OLED screens are widely considered some of the best available on the market. Nikkei's report furthers that Sony's custom developed the PSP2's processor to take advantage of high resolution visuals. Mmmm. There's your PlayStation 3-esque visual quality then.

As for the 3G functionality, apparently that will be supported by NTT DoCoMo in Japan. NTT DoCoMo are currently the largest mobile carrier in Japan. Apparently the service will allow players to play online games and download software and movies. Standard wi-fi will of course be supported by the system too. However, the device will not allow players to make phone calls.

Of course, as amazing as all this sounds, it does raise the concern of pricing. That said, we're expecting Sony to go absolutely nuts this coming week when the PSP2 is formally announced in Tokyo.

Sony's doing what Sony does best: going mad with its electronics. Sure we're a little worried how much this device is going to cost, but first we'd like to bask in the sheer insanity that is Sony's hardware department. Nobody else does it quite so... crazily.