Angry Birds: Hyped To The Heavens, Actually A Bit Shit.

You've got a stream of clunky rip-offs from Gameloft, plenty of games trying to make do with no buttons, and then the critical darlings: Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. All three titles are perfectly serviceable (the latter perhaps demonstrating the best design), but are certainly not quite the break-out slices of emergent entertainment the "oh so ahead of the curve" technology media would like you to believe.

For us, all three titles outstay their welcome after five minutes. The future of hand-held video games: throw-away five minute novelties. Great. Of course, because the media won't shut up conditioning people that this is what they want, it looks set to stay. Thankfully Sony's part of the curve with their PlayStation Minis platform. Sure the PSP is home to epic releases such as God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta, but it's also a place for toilet entertainment such as Angry Birds. According to a post on the US PlayStation Blog, the Rovio developed flapper-flinger will release in North America as part of the PlayStation Store update tomorrow.

All fantastic news. Or it would be, if Angry Birds was actually any good. Hint: we think it's absolute tripe.