Everytime We See MotorStorm Apocalypse We Get A Little More Giddy Inside.

The game's cinematic take on arcade racing pulled everyone in and delivered a unique but flawed experience when it launched earlier this year. MotorStorm Apocalypse blows everything about Split/Second away. Last year we were comparing Split/Second to Michael Bay movies, now Black Rock's racer looks like little more than a silent movie.

And that's because Evolution's brought an unbelievable sense of scale to MotorStorm Apocalypse. In this developer diary (embedded after the jump), the studio talk about Apocalypse's headline features, including the new "Festival" mode which takes place over the 48 hours prior to Armageddon. The new campaign will limit players to specific classes, but will have custom designed AI to make the events more appealing. The developers cite one example where the player is limited to a motorbike and is chased by a slew of big-rigs. Sounds exciting, right? Yeah, especially when there are planes crashing, and sky scrapers literally dropping in front of you. The game clearly needs optimising, but even at this early stage it looks exceptional. We've played it and it's a real sight to behold, especially in 3D.

We could talk for hours about how excited we are for MotorStorm Apocalypse, but honestly we don't feel the need to. Hit the jump and watch the video, we're sure you'll be on board.

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