The ITV Player & 4OD Will Join BBC's iPlayer On The PlayStation 3.

The top shows — which typically involve no-hopers desperate to become celebrities, or ex-celebrities desperate to become celebrities again — are pretty awful. That said, everyone has their guilty pleasures. And by guilty pleasures, we mean stuff like Emmerdale — gah, what were you thinking?

So it's with some tempered enthusiasm we've got news that Sony is set to release two more television catch-up services on the PlayStation 3 this week. According to The Guardian, both the ITV Player and 4OD will join the BBC iPlayer on the PlayStation 3's dashboard. Naturally the ITV Player will allow you to catch-up on Emmerdale and Coronation Street, while Channel 4's On-Demand service will allow you to perve on Big Suze from the Peep Show.

Sony estimates that the addition of the PlayStation services will see a traffic increase of up to 10 per cent for both content providers. That's a pretty worthwhile number. Of course, it also gives Sony a massive bullet point as they push for living room domination. The more content built into the box, the better as far as we're concerned.

No official announcement line from Sony yet, but The Guardian seems pretty sure this is definitely going down this week. Fingers crossed, eh? Think of all that Christmas TV!