Scrappy brawler gets updated

The Fight: Lights Out is very much an acquired taste, with many reviewers criticising the lack of transparent fighters to make landing your punches easier, and now developer Coldwood Interactive has released a free patch making a few tweaks to the title.

The biggest of these is the ability to turn your pugilist see-through, which should come in handy for those struggling to land hits against their opponents, with other small tweaks and fixes promised too.

December 15th sees the launch of the game's Duke DLC content, making all boss characters and Duke himself playable in online and offline play for a small fee.

If you're still struggling to get to grips with the game after the transparency patch has been added, the official European PlayStation blog has some exclusive video tutorials to help you get one-up on your opponent, including the oft-missed advice "calibrate properly".

For more, be sure to read our The Fight: Lights Out review and let us know below what you make of the new transparency modes.