Yup, We've Still Not Got A Decent PSP2 Image So... Have A PSP-3000 Instead.

This time from IGN, who claim that the PSP2 will have visuals comparable to early PlayStation 3 titles. Holy moly.

The report notes: “As far as graphics are concerned, the PSP 2 is a beast, packing enough processing hardware to produce graphics comparable to early PlayStation 3 titles."

“The processor, we’re told, is just over half as powerful as the PS3, though the specific framework of the cores and the clock speed was not revealed.”

IGN also speculate that Sony could be planning some kind of "ubiquitous" setup for the PSP2, whereby game progress is consistent between the portable device and the PlayStation 3. While it sounds like a cool prospect in principle, we're not sure it will work.

Either way, having such a technically proficient device is sure to give Sony some kind of advantage; the pricing and battery life still concern us though.