PixelJunk Shooter 2's Online Multiplayer Mode Sounds A Little Bit Brilliant.

"Rather than just do a simple battling-type system, we created a special cat-and-mouse type game which has you and the enemy take turns as cat or mouse, either scouring the stage for the other player or running away from him," Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert explained on the PlayStation Blog. "The trick being that the 'mouse'  is invisible to the other player unless he views you directly, so you can sneak around collecting the survivors and transporting them to your base. Each survivor that goes into your base is an extra point. But watch out – when it is the other player’s turn to play mouse they can steal them back if they are cunning enough."

Most exciting is that component has a robust league mechanic layered on top. What's more, winners earn money which can be spent on new weapons and crazy items for battle.

"The ultra-slow but ultra-smart homing missile is one of my favourites (it doggedly tracks the other player and is difficult to shake off!), as is the “Time Slip” item that rewinds the positions of both players for a few seconds. There is a limit on the number of uses of certain items within a battle, so a lot of strategy is involved and it has a seriously good “just one more go” factor — if you win, you will climb into new leagues to get bonuses so you can buy even cooler weapons (with 20 to choose from!) and more maps to play on."

There's tons more about PixelJunk Shooter 2 on the PlayStation Blog. Click through here for that. We've dropped the game's latest trailer after the jump. It all looks rather spiffing if we're honest.

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