Remember the majestic Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 announced for North America in October? It's coming to PAL regions next year, Sony has confirmed.

The good news is that the contents are identical to the North American version, but if you don't fancy having a replica Helghast helmet taking up valuable living space then the more reserved Collector's Edition contains the same in-game content but without the helmet, artbook and figurine.

Have a gander at what you can get when you pick up a Helghast or Collector's Edition next year:

This pack* comes in a hand-decorated Helghast soldier’s helmet and includes the “SteelBook” Collector’s Edition with a PlayStation Network voucher code that:
Unlocks all weapons and abilities for your first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.
Lets you rise through the ranks faster by earning experience points at twice the normal rate for your first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay.
Gives you 3 unlock points to use on any weapon or ability you want.
Includes the Retro Map Pack – bringing two battlefields from Killzone 2 back into the fight.
Exclusive Killzone 3 dynamic theme.
Killzone 3 soundtrack.

Helghast Edition Also includes:
A 100-page hardbound Killzone 3 art book
Helghast replica helmet
An exclusive DC Unlimited Helghast scout figurine.

Will you be putting down your money for either edition?