Fact: Emmerdale Playback Works Fine Via The PlayStation 3. YES!

No need to install a patch or download any updates, just scroll to the "TV" component of the XMB. What will you find? The ITV Player and 4OD. The Guardian reported yesterday that the TV catch-up services would be launching this week, but we didn't expect to find them online this morning.

We've had a little play around with both services and they seem pretty good. The interface is web-based, but slick like the iPlayer. We loaded up a few videos just to test out the service and it was quick, with decent picture quality during the content playback.

Overall we're quite impressed. Whether or not you intend to use the functionality, it's cool having it sit on the PlayStation 3's dashboard waiting for when you do. We've said it before and we'll say it again — the more features the better. The PlayStation 3 really is turning into an enormous media hub, and Sony really appear to be leading the charge in the UK.