DC Universe Online Exists & Is Available For Beta Testing On PlayStation Plus Right Now.

The MMO stress-test has been released for PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe today (that's all of you) and will run right through the holiday season. The download's handled in two parts — a fairly tiny client followed by a whopping 15GB download. It's handled similarly to the MAG beta, the main difference being that the download client can be quit and restarted at any time. As far as we can tell, each time you quit and reopen the client, the download will pick up where you left off. It sounds like such an obvious thing, but goodness it makes such a huge difference.

The DC Universe Online trial is joined by another couple of goodies on the PlayStation Plus section of the Store today. A free set of LittleBigPlanet PSP DLC and a full-game trial for Prototype. Crazily, Activision's slapped a £31.99 price-tag on the downloadable version of Prototype though. It's around £10 for the retail version online. Yeah, nice try!

SCEE's promising more PlayStation Plus giveaways next week. December's been an amazing month for Plus pick-ups. We're just curious if DC Universe Online is going to work. We're going in expecting it to be completely broken.