Not all dungeons are dingy places

Dungeons are supposed to be grisly, foreboding places, lit only with torches and the sparks that fly from clashing swords. Not in the world of Dungeon Defenders though, which teams tower defence mechanics with elements of online RPGs, all wrapped up in a cartoon-inspired graphical style.

You play one of a team of heroes tasked with defending the legendary Eternia Crystals against an ever-increasing onslaught of enemies, but the twist comes when you jump into battle alongside your defences to dispense some pain to the dungeon's denizens.

Emerging from battle victorious earns you experience points you can use to boost your hero's abilities, with unique classes promised to help you tailor your character to your playing style. PlayStation Move controls are confirmed for inclusion, though in what capacity is currently yet to be explained, though we expect a point-and-click-style interface for placing defences with perhaps a splash of more action-oriented controls.

We'll have more on Dungeon Defenders in the near future.