Pre-Embargo Sneak Peak: You'll Want To Buy Who's That Flying?! When It Releases.

We had our review for their latest title, Who's That Flying?!, loaded and ready to go. Then disaster struck. We got an email telling us that the game had been delayed. Thankfully, the side-scrolling shooter (which incorporates court-room action and a healthy dose of awesome) will finally hit the PlayStation Store next week.

"Who’s That Flying!? had suffered an unforeseen delay thanks to interference from the Doom Beasts, which hampered compatibility in some extremely rare cases when playing on the PS3," said Mediatonic's Paul Croft. "We wanted to take the time to rectify this to make sure that all players had the same (hopefully awesome) experience regardless of their setup."

The game will be available on the US PlayStation Store for $5.99 on Tuesday 16th November and the European PlayStation Store for £3.99 / €4.99 on Wednesday 17th November.