Rock Band 3 Was Pretty Good... But Not Good Enough, Apparently.

Viacom's announced intent to sell off Harmonix, the developer behind the Rock Band series.

No explanation was offered in the company's financial report, but it's probably partly due to Rock Band 3's poor commercial performance. The game was a critical smash, but it couldn't muster sales past the 8,000 mark when it launched here in the UK late last month.

"Viacom also announced that it plans to sell Harmonix, which developed the Rock Band music video game franchise. Accordingly, the Company reclassified the business as a discontinued operation and has recast its results from previous periods to reflect this change."

Ruh-roh indeed. Someone will no doubt pick up Harmonix as they are yet to release a game that's been poorly received. The numbers are a little worrying though.