It's Tetris Alright. Tetris Is Awesome.

There's also a case for ICO, Super Mario 64 and Shenmue. Shave away all the fat though, and you'll probably find that Tetris is the greatest game ever made. One of the most pure gameplay experiences ever made, Tetris is both accessible for casual players and deep enough for hardcore players. It doesn't matter how many rounds of Tetris you've played in a life-time, it never really gets old, does it?

Perhaps that provides some context as to why we're so excited that Tetris is finally coming to the PlayStation Network. The downloadable title will provide bog-standard Tetris action with 1080p visuals and six-channel audio — but the main addition is in the multiplayer.

The new Tetris will come with competitive online multiplayer for up to six players at once, as well as co-operative play for two teams of two.

There are no pricing or firm release details yet, but expect it in time for Christmas.