Sony's Revealed That The PlayStation Move Has Sold Over 4.1 Million Units Since Its Launch In September.

1 million units worldwide since its launch in September. The number does not include sales for the PlayStation Eye or Navigation Controller.

Sony also reiterated that there are over 25 supported/dedicated titles already available for the PlayStation Move. Our favourites include Sports Champions, Tumble and the surprisingly good PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour.

These are some big numbers for Sony, and the announcement is really good timing too. While some will be quick to argue that multiple PlayStation Move controllers can be used on a single system, it's worth furthering that even if the average console has two motion controllers tied to it, that's still an install base of roughly 2 million units. Not too shabby at all.

Roughly three months in and we're still loving our PlayStation Move. If you're yet to pick one up, now's the time.