Today being the eve of a competing camera product's launch in North America. Absolute coincidence.

Intentional or not, the PlayStation Blog published feature raises a few interesting points about camera technology and the PlayStation Eye itself.

Speaking of camera technology, the EyeToy's creator Dr. Richard Marks noted that development of the PS2 motion controller helped Sony to understand that “people definitely enjoy physical interaction and movement, they also want precise control and a simple, fast, reliable way to trigger actions."

But Marks added: “We also found that some experiences just feel more natural when holding a tool, or a prop. Seven years later, we’ve introduced PlayStation Move, which we think is the ideal combination of both spatial and action/button input.

“We here at PlayStation are always looking for ways to enhance the gamers’ experience and we’re looking forward to the new experiences PlayStation Move will enable over the next 10 years.”

The EyeToy is seven years old? Really?