Please Put Five On-Demand On The PlayStation 3. It Really Would Save Our Neighbours Woes.

It's a crushing feeling arriving home at 17:49, knowing there's still time to catch the end of the show but having already missed over half of it. Channel Five's on-demand Internet catch-up service has kind of fixed that crushing feeling for us, but it's still an annoyance having to turn the computer on. Sure our bad-mood erodes the moment Paul Robinson graces our screen, but it would be nicer if we could access Channel Five's on-demand service from the PlayStation 3.

What's that you say? It could be happening? That's right, Digital Spy reports that Sony and Channel Five are in talks regarding an officially branded Channel Five application for the PS3's XMB. It'll join the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. Channel 4 are also said to be in talks with the platform holder regarding their 4OD service.

We've got our fingers crossed tightly for all this stuff. The more catch-up TV available from the PlayStation 3's dashboard, the better.