We've Been Saying "Never Say Never" To Shenmue III For The Past Eight Years Or So.

It's actually starting to hurt. Everytime we read the words "Shenmue III" it's like a dagger to our heart. We want the game so bad, but no matter how many times it's mentioned, we know it's never coming out.

SEGA West's top gaffer is the latest to mention the esteemed franchise. Mike Hayes told CVG that Shenmue III is never off the cards, stating "never say never" to the prospect of a sequel.

A new Shenmue title for a Japanese social network application is due from Yu Suzuki "this Winter". Apparently the new title, which is being supervised by SEGA, will start out in Yokosuka — one of Shenmue's main settings. Sadly, Shenmue Town will only ever release in Japan.

We're off for a little cry.