A Team-Based Multiplayer Resident Evil Game? Great. Sigh.

How absurd does it sound? But with Devil May Cry being shipped over to Ninja Theory, and Dead Rising 2 coming out of Canada, how believable does it sound too?

Pretty darn believable in our opinion. Kotaku's got the scoop that SOCOM: Confrontation developers Slant Six are in control of the Resident Evil franchise. The website cites a design document that notes Resident Evil: Raccoon City is being created at Slant Six in Vancouver. The game's described as a "team based" multiplayer title.

Slant Six's own website touts an "amazing new project" with a "new publishing partner on a world class franchise," so the rumours are looking pretty solid.

Is this what we want though? Firstly, do we even want a "team based" Resident Evil game in the first place? This is supposed to be a survival horror franchise for goodness sake. We're cool with the direction Capcom took in Resident Evil 4 (an action game with horror leanings), but for goodness sake, we do not want Resident Evil: Left 4 Dead Version thank you very much. Also, the fact that it's being shipped out to Canada is insane. Slant Six did a fine job on the PSP SOCOM titles, but the SOCOM: Confrontation was so bad at launch it almost damaged the franchise. Thankfully Zipper are back on board with SOCOM 4.

Capcom's refusing to comment on the rumours, but Kotaku seems to have covered their bases well. This sounds real to us. And we don't like it one bit.