Mass Effect 2 On PlayStation 3 Could Bridge The Story Gap With An Interactive Comic.

The celebrations start with Mass Effect 2 which is due to release on the PlayStation 3 in little over three months. XBOX 360 and PC players have been going gaga over the space RPG for the past 11 or so months, so we're literally aching to get our hands on the game.

With the original game not making the jump to PS3 though, many fans have been questioning how Bioware will bridge the story gap between the first and second titles. A post in Bioware's official forums points to an interview with Casey Hudson in German gaming magazine, Play3. According to the interview, an interactive comic from Dark Horse will patch together the story, allowing players to make decisions at pivotal points in the plot that will carry into Mass Effect 2's storyline.

In addition to news of the interactive comic, the forum post also notes that all of Mass Effect 2's DLC — including "Kasumi's Stolen Memory," "Overlord" and "Lair of the Shadow Broker" — will make their way into the PlayStation 3 version of the game. Apparently the game will also get an exclusive mission, but that information sounds a little more shaky than the rest of the post. If true, XBOX 360 and PC players will be positively furious, but it'll be a great reward for the wait we've had to endure.

Update @ 22:06 GMT: An EA representative's confirmed to Kotaku that PlayStation 3 owners will get an exclusive interactive comic to set up the Mass Effect storyline. Apparently the "exclusive content" is not accurate however, with EA stating that "something got lost in translation." No biggie, eh?