House Of The Dead: Overkill Was Fucking Stupid. (And Awesome.)

It's a no-nonsense entry in the rails-shooter franchise which plays heavily on the grindhouse horror movie scene with its gritty presentation and ridiculous narrative.

NintendoLife reports that a sequel is well under way and should be released sometime in early or mid-2011. No platforms are mentioned, though it's safe to assume the Wii is a sure-bet. As such, we'd just like to campaign for a PlayStation Move release of the game. Seriously, the original was brilliant fun and we'd love to see the spin-off series come to PS3. With the PlayStation Move proving that it can handle rails shooters, the game would be a perfect fit. The extra graphical clout wouldn't go a miss either.

Campaign your support in the comments: What do we want? House Of The Dead: Overkill 2 for PlayStation Move! When do we want it? Now!