Hirai's Currently In Charge Of Everything To Do With PlayStation.

SCE's current boss, Kaz Hirai, looks like he could be "Ridge Racing" his way to the top of Sony Corp, with a Bloomberg report placing him in the hot-seat to take Howard Stringer's president role.

He'll face competition from Executive Deputy President, Hiroshi Yoshioka.

Stringer took Sony's presidential job in 2009, but at 69 years-old, he's looking for a "right-hand man" to lighten the workload.

Stringer should be credited for carrying out structural reforms to stop the company from bleeding, said Kohi Toda, Tokyo-based chief fund manager at Resona Bank.

Nevertheless, Stringer hasn't managed to steer the company to growth. His accomplishment was rather earning time and energy for Sony to get ready for the next growth.

Hirai's been with Sony since 1984, starting out in the company's music division.

[source vg247.com]