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A bumper crop of Move content this week, with trailers, videos, a patch for PAIN and even a full game to download.

Sports Champions gets a reverse disc golf course, High Velocity Bowling gets a digital compendium of all content and TV Superstars themes jump up and down screaming "pick me! Pick me!" in a manner befitting its reality TV inspirations.

Add-on Game Content

MAG Interdiction Pack – Permanent Price Drop (PS3) (now $4.99, original price $9.99)

EyePet: Music Pack ($2.99)
The Music Pack for EyePet brings the style and flash of music directly to your living room! You’ve never seen a virtual pet quite like this. EyePet! Download the new pack today! (100KB)

PAIN: Creepie Character ($0.99)
Check out the latest launchable PAIN character. Creepie is full of charm. What this squishy lil’ dude doesn’t say is made up for with an abundance of flatulence. Creepie comes complete with poses, and sound effects and is playable in any of the modes and environments you own. Pick up Creepie today and bring the PAIN! (100KB)

PAIN: PAINaMotion (free)
PAIN has a whole lotta movin’ & shakin’ going on with this latest update. Grab your PlayStation Move motion controller and dive into these new modes today! This pack will also update some of your favorite levels to support the PlayStation Move motion controller! Levelsinclude: Downtown area, the Amusement Pack, the Move Studio, Sore Spots, the Museum, and the new Alpine Ski Area! Be sure to check them out! (100KB)

Sports Champions – Reverse Course ($2.99)
Looking for new Disc Golf challenges? Well, you’re in luck! The Sports Champions Reverse Course gives you a fresh look at all 18 holes. Tees and holes have been swapped to create a whole different experience, so you’ll need new strategies to best this course. Once downloaded, the course will be accessible in the Free Play menu so you can test your skills against the AI or up to 4 friends in multiplayer. (544MB)


High Velocity Bowling – Move Bundle ($39.99)
Meet the High Velocity Bowlers! Each bowler has their own unique personality and skill-set for high flying fun. Use the PlayStation Move motion controller to simulate a genuine bowling swing with real lane environments. Are you up to the challenge of bowling with the best?
File size: 1.33 GB

Game Videos (free)

NBA 2K11 – He’s Back Trailer (20 MB, HD)
NBA 2K11 – The Jordan Interview Trailer (21 MB, HD)
LittleBigPlanet 2 – Grappling Hook Featurette (97MB, HD)
Heavy Rain: Cutting Room Floor (231MB HD, 387 MB 1080)
Heavy Rain: Non-Linearity (261MB HD, 436MB 1080)
Beat Sketcher – Gameplay Trailer (45MB HD, 75MB 1080)

PS3 Themes

TV Superstars: Big Beat Kitchen Theme (free) (2.07MB)
TV Superstars: DIY Raw Theme (free) (2.21MB)
TV Superstars: Frockstar Theme (free) (2.52MB)
TV Superstars: Hosts Theme (free) (2.15MB)
TV Superstars: Let’s Get Physical Theme (free) (2.32MB)
TV Superstars: STAA Theme (free) (2.06MB)
TV Superstars: Set Theme (free) (1.83MB)

Does anything catch your eye this week?