PlayStation Home's Now Got A Bunch Of New Features.

Today Sony's launched a new client for the virtual world which brings with it new wardrobe support, voice chat and new character status settings. Are you happy, angry or sad? Now you'll be able to tell the world — or at least the small portion of the world using Home. Naturally the client fixes a bunch of bugs too, all of which is detailed through here.

The updated client's not the only new thing in Home this week, as Sony's launched the LittleBigDerby mini-game as part of the LittleBigPlanet space. It's a multiplayer paintball game in which players must shoot targets to aid their jockey to the finish-line. As with all of Home's mini-games it looks pretty throwaway, but a neat time filler all the same.

There's a bunch of other stuff available too. Hit up the PlayStation Blog for more on that.