Better on Move

PlayStation arguably brought augmented reality into the home, with the PS2's EyeToy games getting further refined into EyePet: Move Edition, Start the Party! and more on PlayStation Move. Now Dana Jan, director at PlayStation masters Ready at Dawn, has spoken out about how Move has the edge in augmented reality gaming.

Expressing concern for the delay in Kinect's response time, Jan said:

I think the latency and how long it takes for the system to interpret the video footage, process it, generate the skeleton for your character, and then kick it back out is too long. It's like 1/8 of a second. I don't think you can control any game well with that kind of delay.

That's without factoring in one of the most important aspects of Move's augmented reality features: the ability to turn a handheld controller into a variety of objects. Anyone who's played EyePet or Start the Party! can testify to the effectiveness of this method, a definite advantage over Kinect's controller-free gaming.