DualShock or bust

If you've been playing the superb NBA 2K11 with PlayStation Move, you might have been disappointed that the Navigation sub-controller is unsupported, leaving you with a Move in one hand and DualShock 3 in the other. Whilst we presumed Navigation support would be introduced later in the game's cycle, 2K Sports' Community Manager Ronnie Singh has confirmed that there will be no patch to add this feature.

In a PlayStation Blog post that revealed the game will soon be playable in stereoscopic 3D, Singh responded to a user comment to say:

Yeah unfortunately, we couldn’t get the Navigation controller in there this year. Came up a little late in the cycle, I am sure this is something we’ll want to do for 2K12.

This is bad news for Move fans who were anticipating a more comfortable way to play the game, which now won't be one of the upcoming improvements.

If you already own the game – and if you don't, read our NBA 2K11 review – does this decision disappoint you? Does it make you less likely to play with Move or are you happy to wait until next year's title to get Navigation support?

[source blog.us.playstation.com]