Kazunori Yamauchi Has Been Working On The Gran Turismo Franchise Since 1997.

Recently Yamauchi revealed in an interview that work has already began on Gran Turismo 6, with the veteran furthering that it's "too early to talk about it".

But in an interview with NowGamer, Yamauchi's stated that he "would love to try making some other type of game" and that he is concerned he may have "missed out on a lot of things by working so hard on Gran Turismo".

"I will say that there are no plans (to make any new games outside of Gran Turismo), though I certainly have ideas for new games all the time," he revealed.

"Every day. I really, really would love to try making some other type of game.

"Gran Turismo might just have become my life. Making Gran Turismo is a lot of fun, really, though maybe I've missed out on a lot of things by working so hard on Gran Turismo."

MotorToon 2 anyone? (Yes, we know that technically there are two games in the franchise already.) We don't know how Kaz feels about it, but we'd kinda love him to pour his energy into some kind of Zone Of The Enders style game. Could you imagine the amount of love he'd put into designing the giant robots? It'd be the best thing ever.

Robots aside, perhaps another Tourist Trophy — think Gran Turismo meets superbikes — would be the answer to Kaz's creative cravings.

"I would really love to make another one of those.

"We don't have any actual concrete plans at the moment, though I'm constantly awaiting the day when I can meet Tourist Trophy again."

Gran Turismo 5's out in a few hours. Anyone going to a midnight launch?