So you've bought The Fight: Lights Out and you're finding it a bit tough – why not download some extra content from the PlayStation Store to give you a fighting chance? For $0.99 a pop you can buy yourself the ability to wriggle from grapples, extra stamina and harder punches, amongst other combat secrets.

There's plenty of other Move-related content available this week in the US so let's get to it.

Add-on Game Content

PAIN – Maxine Character ($0.99)
Check out Maxine. She is an auto-tuned sista’ with all the right moves with plenty to back it up! Maxine comes complete with poses, and sound effects and is playable in any of the modes and environments you own. Pick her up today and bring the PAIN!

Hustle Kings Carom and U.K. Billiards Pack ($1.99)
Think you’re the “king” of the hustle, and that you’ve mastered the game of billiards? Let us show you the world of Carom Billiards and U.K. Billiards, and you can prove it to us! To use this download, you will need the full Hustle Kings game.
Download the Carom & U.K. Billiards Pack for Hustle Kings today!
File size: 80 MB

EyePet – Dinosaur Pack ($2.99)
The Dinosaur Pack for EyePet brings the fun and adventure of prehistoric times directly to your living room! You’ve never seen a virtual pet quite like this. EyePet! Download the new pack today!
File size: 100 KB

EyePet – Hoodie Pack (free)
It’s starting to get cold outside! The Hoodie Pack for EyePet lets you keep your EyePet nice and warm in style! You’ve never seen a virtual pet quite like this. EyePet! Download the new pack today!
File size: 100 KB

The Fight: Lights Out – Bottle of Win Pack ($0.99)
Drastically increased Strength, reduced Chin. Download this Bottle Of Win Pack to increase your swagger, your style and your raw fighting prowess. It might make you think you’re better than you really are – but as all fighters know, confidence is one of your best weapons.

The Fight: Lights Out – Chinese Secret Pack ($0.99)
Increased Chin. Getting beaten up a bit too often for your liking? Download this Chinese Secret Pack and you’ll stay on your feet no matter who takes a slug at you.

The Fight: Lights Out – Energy Drink Pack ($0.99)
Increased Speed, quicker recovery. Download this Energy Drink Pack to instantly increase the speed of your reactions and recover your strength faster in The Fight: Lights Out. You’ll be able to brawl for days with this concoction in your system – just pray there aren’t any side effects.

The Fight: Lights Out – Lubrication Pack ($0.99)
Reduced risk for cuts, easier to escape grabs. Download this Lubrication Pack to get slippery and avoid the cuts and scrapes inflicted by your opponents. Your foes will also find it hard to grab hold of you – it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.

The Fight: Lights Out – Reindeer Horn Pack ($0.99)
Increased Stamina. Download this Reindeer Horn Pack for a remarkable remedy that will give your stamina a serious boost. Just one swig and you’ll be ready to go the distance.

The Fight: Lights Out – Rigged Betting Pack ($0.99)
Drastically improved betting odds. Not winning enough cash from your bets? Download this Rigged Betting Pack to tip the odds in your favor when you place a bet in The Fight: Lights Out. It’s quicker than fighting fair and it hurts a lot less than taking a dive.

The Fight: Lights Out – Russian Medicine Pack ($0.99)
Increased Strength, quicker Rage gain, reduced Stamina. Want all the benefits of extended exercise without the hard work? Download this Russian Medicine Pack to increase your strength and rage levels in The Fight: Lights Out. Let’s hope these mysterious chemicals don’t cause any strange side effects.

The Fight: Lights Out – Street Surgeon Pack ($0.99)
Reduced risk for injuries. Spending all of your cash on unhealed injuries? Download this Street Surgeon Pack and you’ll have a doctor by your side to help keep you in one piece.

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