Sure Steel Tins Are A Bit Disappointing, But That's Some Seriously Rad Boxart.

SCEE's decided we'd probably prefer a slightly more boring package to represent our admiration for Media Molecule and Sackboy. In all, it's a bit disappointing, but at least we're getting something, right? Right?

The bookends and Sackboy plushies are out, and in their place — a steel tin! To be totally fair to SCEE, the packaging does look very cool, and we'll still be getting all the DLC costumes announced alongside the US version. It's just that we really wanted those bookends. Aw well.

The game's due in January. Based on what we've seen from the beta, your pre-order is absolutely safe. This is going to be one of the best games of 2011.

There's more over on the PlayStation Blog.