Top EA Exec Says The Publisher Has Had Exposure To The PSP2.

They have to show third-party developers their products because, y'know, they are going to be the ones making games for it. The problem is, people speak out of place. We're already well aware of the PSP2 — it's been name-dropped countless times — but today EA's European VP, Patrick Soderlund, has dropped more details on Sony's new handheld system. Y'know, the unannounced system.

Asked by CVG whether EA had been given "exposure" to the PSP2, Soderlund responded "yes" in a round-about way.

"Well, obviously as a developer we have had that - but I'm not allowed to talk about it."

Following up, CVG asked about the exec's expectations for the handheld, to which Soderlund responded: "We can't talk about it because of our relationship with Sony obviously, which is... That's just the way it is."

The device has already been outed by NetherRealm Studios who openly stated they had a system in their office. If you weren't already sure, this thing is real. It's just a case of when now.