Oof! Smash!

Full body motion fighter The Fight: Lights Out is set to launch in Europe tomorrow with a North American release following on Tuesday, but previews have raised some issues with the game.

One such gripe raised is the lack of transparent characters, making it tough to see what your fighter is doing from the game's third-person view point. Whilst the idea of see-through fighters was considered, Coldwood's Martin Sahlin explains the reasoning behind the studio's decision:

But we run at 60fps, and making the character see-through would have had a negative effect on that, especially as we have to retain our framerate in both split screen and in 3D modes. 60fps is pretty much a requirement for a game this fast paced to work. However, we're constantly looking at further optimisations, so who knows what the future holds?

Although it sounds like transparent characters isn't quite so easy as a downloadable patch, it sounds as though Coldwood will be willing to listen to player feedback and consider it as an option.

We'll be grappling with The Fight: Lights Out soon, so we'll bring you our verdict on this little scrapper shortly.

[source iwaggle3d.com]