Games That Look Like Auditorium Are Amazing. Fact.

Nope, we don't get it either, but the game's executive producer assures us we'll have an "a-ha" moment after a couple of levels. Good, because judging the game purely on its aesthetics it looks amazing. Like something we'd want to play anyway.

The PlayStation Network version, due in the US on November 23rd, is not content with looking totally balls-out amazing though. While 1080p HD is a big part of the PlayStation port, the PSN release is also set to boast Classic and Modern levels (around 150 in total) as well as PlayStation Move and 3D support. The latter two features are of course optional, but given the stylish nature of the title we can imagine both additions enhancing the experience.

The game's set to cost $9.99. No word on a European release yet but we hope it comes next week too. We want to play this. There's a trailer after the jump.

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