We're Guessing The Command & Conquer Game Visceral Make Will Not Look Like This.

No joke. Visceral Games - you know, the dudes famous for Dead Space - have told Gamasutra that they're working on a Command & Conquer game that's "pretty far out".

Nick Earl, who's in charge of action and strategy games at EA, revealed that the publisher is looking to leverage brands out to successful studios.

“Regardless of which particular geography, everyone feels like they’re part of one group. Think about the DICE brand as becoming a strong FPS brand with games like Battlefield, Bad Company 2, and with BioWare being a strong brand for RPGs – we’re trying to do that inside the action space, where EA has not had a strong position for some time,” he said.

It's unknown what genre Visceral's Command & Conquer will cover, but going by their pedigree, we'd say third-person action looks a dead-cert. Strategy fans - make of this what you will.