Homefront's Set To Become THQ's Banner FPS Franchise.

The publisher, flowing with confidence after a series of great signings in recent months, reckons its coming first-person shooter Homefront is good enough to compete with the genre's best. Given the number of impressive signings THQ's made recently, it's hard to dispute their claims.

Speaking on the back of today's Montreal studio announcement, Bilson said of Homefront:

“I promise you [Homefront] competes with everybody else in the genre; in the shooter genre, in the action genre, or what I like to call the ‘you’re in the movie’ genre,” he said.

“This is an incredible experience.”

He stressed that the bulk of the experience will be in multiplayer, while the campaign will weigh in with genre average of "6-10 hours".

“Homefront has a heavy emphasis on the multiplayer, but the single-player is extraordinary, it really is,” he said.

Bilson added: “I’m going to be really honest. To get … 20 hours of single-player, you’d have to sacrifice perhaps the depth of the multiplayer. Or have a five-year schedule and unlimited budget.

“Like the other single-player games, you’re going to find our single-player to be in the 6-10-hour range, and the multiplayer possibly in the 100-hour range.”

To be perfectly honest, we prefer shorter campaigns. It whips out the repetition and allows a team to really focus their ideas into a condensed campaign.

[source vg247.com]