The game formerly known as Heroes on the Move, PlayStation Move Heroes is part of Sony's "second wave" of Move titles. But what does that mean, exactly? Here, let Nihilistic Software's studio director Robert Huebner explain more about the game in video form.

The video shows off a stage in which the player picks up a flying disc, throwing it with the usual motion and then using the Move controller's motion support to guide it around the environments in search of targets. Depending on the number of targets hit, you can earn a bronze, silver or gold medal, with other power-ups available to replenish ammunition, charge special abilities and increase your score.

PlayStation Move Heroes should be onto a winner with its combination of six favourite console characters, and we'll find out if it lives up to its potential when it launches early next year. In the meantime, pay a visit to the official US PlayStation blog to watch PlayStation Move Heroes in action.