NBA Jam's Coming To PlayStation 3 Next Month.

The game will feature the classic campaign, Tour Remix and 2vs2 online mode.

The game will then get a title update in December, patching in Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination, and 21.

“We have listened to our NBA JAM fans and appreciate their desire to play this game online, so we are going to deliver the online feature set they expect and deserve,” said creative director Trey Smith.

“Fans will be able to play Classic JAM online right out of the box, and can expect to enjoy features like Team-up, Remix Online, Jam Party, Online Progression, and even more secret players and teams, in December.”

In case you're still confused, the game will be a retail release (y'know in a box). It's looking like it will cost $50 too. We know people want to piss and moan about the price in the comments, but whatever, if you want it - buy it. It's a shame the way Jam on PS3's been handled, but we honestly think this is the best we could expect from the situation. The full game, in HD, with plenty of multiplayer options. Sounds good to us.