All These Comments Aren't Exactly Healing The Pain...

Ex-Shenmue sound designer Osamu Murata has claimed he's "certain" Shenmue's creator, Yu Suzuki, wanted to bring the franchise to PlayStation 3 or XBOX 360.

Murata's comments followed last week's announcement that the Shenmue franchise was to return on the Japan-only social network service Mobage-town.

Murata reckons that the game is not officially recognised by SEGA, with it being developed as a joint venture between Yahoo and a new company formed by Suzuki himself.

“I’m certain that he [Suzuki] wanted to release Shenmue on PS3 or Xbox, he said.

“This is definitely not how Yu feels about Shenmue. The sound of the bikes, the sound of glass, the facial motion of kids, how the flags were made to stand, the walking motion, the running motion, the pursuit of beauty for the female characters. He worked so hard even if he would collapse or get sick."

Murata added: "The Yahoo! Mobage Shenmue is not Sega. I’m not sure what will happen at the time of formal release, though. If it looks like it will sell, Sega will probably make it official.”

SEGA's voiced that they'd be willing to trade an exclusivity deal with a hardware manufacturer in return for the development funding of Shenmue III. It's never going to happen though. Having said that, we would pay upwards of £250 for a copy of Shenmue III. Just sayin'.