No More American Sales Fanboy Wars? Thank Goodness.

Enter the wilderness of many video game forums and you'll read all about how "the PlayStation 3 sucks because it was outsold by the Nintendo Wii" and "the PlayStation Portable is dead because it sold less than 100k units". Frankly, it's boring. All the NPD has proved over the last twelve months is that there's a healthy market for all the systems in the US. Oh, and that people like to attach sales figures to quality.

Today, the NPD's announced that they are to stop supplying hardware sales figures. The benefit is that, of course, it kills the fanboy wars dead. The downside is that we'll only get hardware numbers directly from the manufacturers themselves. That means the numbers could easily be skewed. But as a video game fans, we're not sure we need to know anything more than "hey, they are still going to make PlayStation games because lots of people own systems". Honestly - to hell with the hardware numbers.

NPD will still be providing a software sales chart. But this is also set to be tweaked. Multiplatform game sales will be rounded into one SKU, while actual software unit sales will be provided in a footnote from an analyst. It's basically going to be a lot like the Chart-Track system used in the UK.

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