Enslaved Could Get A Sequel At Some Point In The Near Future.

"We've been growing into two teams for the last year," he told Eurogamer ahead of the studio's presentation at this years Eurogamer Expo, "We've got capacity to do two games."

Anotoniades said that there were currently no plans for an Enslaved sequel, though he did reveal he'd "like to see something happen".

"The thinking from the beginning was not to assume there would be a sequel, just to put everything into this game. It's a new IP so let's not plan for a sequel because the chances are we'll only disappoint ourselves.

"So we mentally prepared for that - we've not planned for a sequel. But if it gains some traction, I'd like to see something happen."

Enslaved's out next week. We absolutely adored the demo but it's looking very divisive. We'll have a full review next week.