Oh No! There Are A Few Frame-Rate Dips! (It's Not Really A Big Deal Is It?)

Most games struggle to maintain 30FPS at a sub-HD resolution; Kaz remains a genius. Still, such is the perfectionist of the man, Kaz has "begged forgiveness" from his fans for the odd frame-rate dips. At times, we just feel sorry for all the pressure he puts himself under.

<span>"Our engineers complain every day," he told PSM3 magazine, "'Isn't it enough that it's in 1080p? Does it have to be 60fps too?' But I think 60fps is very important, so we're working towards perfecting that. There might be times when you have a certain combination of conditions that come together - especially with the weather effects - [when] the game might briefly drop from 60fps, and for that I beg your forgiveness!

"If you're going from a standing start at No.16 and all 15 cars in front of you are kicking up water, there might not be 60fps at that moment."</span>

<span>Gran Turismo 5's currently "date-less", but we're expecting an announcement from Sony any day now.