Capelli Lurks In A Destroyed Bomb Shelter As The Chimera Seek Him Out.

You might have seen the artwork: it shows the game's new protagonist, Capelli, riding a train whilst being chased by a gigantic Widowmaker.

It wasn't the only piece of artwork designed for the magazine cover. GameInformer's shown off an alternative piece of art which shows Capelli chased by Chimera in a destroyed bomb-bunker.

“Both images paint an interesting look at Resistance 3, but it doesn’t take an art critic to notice one of them features a giant looming Widowmaker chasing Capelli on a speeding train with Chimera waiting in the wings, and the other…well, doesn’t,” editor Andy McNamara said of the art.

“Not only does the art have an easy focal point for the readers to pick up on, it tells a story in a simple snapshot. Yes, the alternate cover conveys how humans are the prey in Resistance 3’s fight for the survival of the human race, but that story is not as easy to pick up in a quick glance. Plus, did I mention it doesn’t have a giant Widowmaker on it?”

Resistance 3's due to launch next year and Insomniac's direction already looks strong. It seems like they're gunning for the more survival horror aspects of the original Resistance, rather than the bombastic sequel. Expect this game to be huge when it launches next fall.