Evolutions Hit Back At Critics Who Claim 3D Is A CPU Hog.

It looks absolutely breath-taking in the third dimension; almost like developers Evolution Studios have worked some kind of magic on the PlayStation 3.

Speaking with Eurogamer, the team's rubbished claims that the added dimension eats up processing power - describing the comments as "bollocks".

"You do need a little bit more processing power, but I don't think it's quite the hit that some people are claiming," Evolution's Matt Southern said, "That might just be the fact that we've been doing it for years now and have kind of got really optimal code.

"I've seen people say that it takes a huge chunk of the processing power. Bollocks. It takes a little.

"The main thing is drawing the game twice, and if your code's efficient and you've done a decent job of optimisation then it's not going to have a massive effect on visual quality."

While Southern was keen to point out that memory issues aren't a problem, he did concede that the stereoscopic view does affect resolution.

"It's a bit like split-screen," he explained, "which is why there's no 3D split-screen, because then it would look like a Spectrum game.

"We're still aiming for 1080p in 3D and split-screen. I say aiming - I'm certainly not going to promise it. But right now it runs in 1080p."

Southern also revealed that an public beta for Sony's flagship 3D title is on the cards.

"We'll do a closed one initially that's within a week-and-a-half with Sony staff," said Southern. "And providing that isn't a disaster we'll roll it out one to the public and initially to members of things like MotorStorm Monday.

"People who use the forums a lot will get personal invites and a unique livery for taking part."

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